Art & Culture

The Night Hawker

While on the cattle drives of the late 1800's, trail hands were assigned certain jobs. One important duty was to watch over the herd of cattle and horses overnight . The cowboys doing this work were called "night hawker"

  • size 14x17x8

The Legendary Whitetail

Whitetail deer roam freely  throughout most of the country. Bagging a large buck with a tremendous rack is the goal of many a deer hunter and photographer.

  • size 10x10x6

    The Call of the Wild

 The  Wolf was once a common animal of the west. Hunted to near extinction it is now on the way back. Listening to the lonesome howl is an chilling reminder of the past.

size 10x8x6

Buffalo Robe

Indians valued the buffalo (bison) above all. They used every part of the animal. Uses included food, shelter, clothing, etc. The buffalo robe was an effective way to stay warm during the cold winter.

  • size 13x6x6